Feedback from Habari clients sent to farahpeutic

Was your Habari Personal Assistant friendly? YES
Did you receive your booking confirmation timely? YES
Was the partner aware of your booking upon arrival at the venue? YES
Did you receive your first choice offer? YES
Was the partner venue friendly and did they make you feel at home? YES
Will you return to this partner? YES 

Additional Comments This partner was fantastic – i was so impressed with her, that i made another treatment booking.
Date: 2010/03/26 13:30:50… Melissa Paulse

Rating 5>1
The venue was clean & tidy: 5

The staff were all professional, friendly & welcoming: 5 The actual service I received was: 5 Overall, the staff, venue & lifestyle experience was: 5 Was your experience one that you would repeat if you were paying for it: Yes

Additional Comments: Thank you so much for the experience!…Ayesha Dalwai, 23 July 2010